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Silver Vixen pt. 1

By Mama Mangita

My hair colour started changing in my early twenties. I aggressively pulled out every grey hair until a hair dresser told me that the roots would only multiply if I did that. I should instead trim it with a pair of scissors close to my scalp. I did that for a while and the result was that the grey hair became short and spiky when I didn’t tend to my trimming. In the right lighting it would look like a halo. In the wrong lighting it would look like a silver hedgehog was living under my hair. My hair used to be dark brown, sometimes with a spark of mahogany or good coffee. I liked it. No, I loved it. But grey hairs stand out in that colour.

Now the grey is slowly taking over. Salt and pepper. Another hairdresser told me that some people pay a lot of money for hair like that. I’m not sure I believe her. I don’t know how to feel about my salty and peppery hair. I don’t want to dye it. I want to accept the change.

For a few years I have been saving my used coffee bags - I was planning on up-cycling the strong plastic material making bags and such - just never got around to it. A lot of coffee bags. On the inside they are shinny. Silver. I could cut and trim. I could make a halo. A silver wig. Beautiful silver Plumes.

There she is. The silver vixen.

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