• kristinaskovby

Mama, mama... miaaw

By Mama Mangita

Image: Patricia Piccinini / The Bond (detail)

Slowly she grew inside me, stretching and bending the space within me.

Then emerged: squeezed out into the world, still so incredibly dependant on my body to nurture her every need.

Opening eyes, making contact, sensing and then perceiving her own body in space - connected to mine by default.

Mutual dependence for months. Symbiosis. Milk and love and sleep deprivation. Mama, mama I need you!!!

You have me, my child.

Crawling, standing, soon walking into the world. Always with a look backwards, locking my eyes: Are you still there? I need you still…

Yes my child. I am still here. I see you. There you go.

Today with an airy feeling in my gut I left her with my man. Just for a while.

Slight nervousness and incredible freedom.

Until noon. A few hours. An ocean of freedom.

A tickling feather in my gut. Here we go.

Opening eyes. Making contact to my artistic nerve.

Sensing, then perceiving my body i space. Learning how this new and old body now works, this mind. searching with my fingertips for the direction to go.

Caressing ideas.

Preparing; laying the groundwork for my intuition to flow and fly freely.

Bringing my openness - Meeting my ladies - searching for artistic symbiosis.