• kristinaskovby


PLUMES is a newly developed Artist Collective, and this site is our working platform, until we have a stage to perform on. We are three professional performing femme fatales. We began working together back in 2015 on the burlesque inspired theatre show ‘Misty Gaze will Amaze – 100 years of Women’s Right to Vote’, performed on The Boat Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark. With audiences, women and men, young as old, long haired as bold, intrigued and humored by our work, we felt that we with this niche performance-art had touched a universal ore. We were in a hurry to create a new show! But okay, life sometimes overrides by far the plans we make: Some get knocked out, others get knocked up, life ceases, life is born - and therefore, on our feet again, reshaped, maturer (we feel), we three, three years later, return ripe for creation. So Welcome For the Love of Nature – A Burlesque Symposium!

Why the company name PLUMES? Plumes are the essentials in burlesque and the embodiment of our theatrical fascination with nature: Light, fluffy, ro-bust. Feathers, wings to fly on. Quills, to write with. Birds, our origin. Soft, sexy, colorful. Bombastic, Fan-tastic and smackin’ Ass-tastic.

PLUMES are developed by Mira Noltenius aka Misty Gaze, Kristina Skovby aka Miss Woodville and Marie Vestergaard Jacobsen aka Mama Mangita